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Islamic satellite channel located in the UK331KAfghanistanNoor TV
Christian family broadcast291KArgentinaCanal Luz
Religious TV channel141KArgentinaPrecencia de Dios
The Australian Christian TV broadcasts on TV channel 49 of OPTUS television270KAustraliaACC TV
Islamic TV channel100KBahrainAl Maaref TV
Christian TV channel100KBrazilBoa Vontade
Christian channel185KBrazilCVC TV
Christian TV channel141KBrazilIEQ
Religious TV channel200KBrazilIgreja Evangelica
Religious TV channel from Sao Paulo140KBrazilOngrace
Christian TV120KBrazilRede Gospel
Evangelical channel from Belo Horizonte90KBrazilRede Super
Christian TV channel185KBrazilRede Vida
Christian TV Channel273KBrazilRit TV
Religious TV channel. Sometimes online100KBrazilTV Aparecida
Christian TV channel102KBrazilTV Carajas
Christian Evangelical channel90KBrazilTV Cristo
Christian TV channel102KBrazilTV Jesus Vem Nos Salvar
Religious TV100KBrazilTV Mundo Maior
Babtist church in Vitoria. Sometimes online100KBrazilTV Primeira
Religious TV channel280KCanadaMiracle Channel
Catholic channel247KCanadaSalt and Light
Religious Web TV539KCanadaThe Stream
TV from the Catholic University115KChileCanal 13
Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile115KChileCanal 13 Cable
Located in Bogota128KColombiaCanal 41 ABN
Religious channel432KColombiaCMB
Christian TV300KCosta RicaCanal 23
Christian family TV from Heredia141KCosta RicaFCN TV
Christian TV channel720KCosta RicaTV NOE
Christian TV channel350KDenmarkDKNET
Religious TV channel311KDenmarkDKNet TV
Christian TV66KEgyptAghapy
Islamic TV channel130KEgyptAl Hayat
Satellite channel for the Christians of the Middle East and North Africa100KEgyptSat 7
Religious TV channel304KEgyptThe Healing Channel
Christian channel153KEl SalvadorEl Camino
Religious TV132KEl SalvadorPueblo de Israel TV
Christian channel from Tallinn245KEstoniaLife TV
Christian TV channel364KFinlandTV7
Religious channel485KGreece4E TV
Christian TV channel121KGreeceBible live
Christian channel121KGreeceBible live - Albanian
TV from the Orthodox Bisdom in Patras45KGreeceLyxnos
Free Apostolic Church Of Pentecost Nikaia83KGreeceNikaia Church
Christian TV channel140KGreecePatras Church
Christian channel150KGreeceVoice of God
English language: Christian Pentecostal Church that transmits an Internet only broadcast150KGreeceWord of God - English
Greek language: Christian Pentecostal Church that transmits an Internet only broadcast150KGreeceWord of God - Greek
Italian language: Christian Pentecostal Church that transmits an Internet only broadcast150KGreeceWord of God - Italian
Christian TV channel575KHondurasIglesia de Cristo Ebenezer
Christian TV channel500KHondurasJBN TV
Religious TV channel450KIcelandGospel Channel
Islamic channel140KIndiaPeace TV
Christian TV channel132KIndiaRainbow TV
Spiritual channel. Sometimes online273KIndiaSanskar TV
Religious TV channel273KIndiaShalom TV
Christian Gospel channel273KIndiaVTN Velugu
Religious TV channel190KIranMiracle Channel
Persian Christian channel141KIranMohabat TV
Christian channel222KIranSalaam TV
Christian TV127KIsraelIFBN
The Kabbalah TV channel offers a wide selection of free VOD and live TV broadcasts in 5 languages, 24 hours a day288KIsraelKabbalah TV - English
The Kabbalah TV channel offers a wide selection of free VOD and live TV broadcasts in 5 languages, 24 hours a day288KIsraelKabbalah TV - Russian
The Kabbalah TV channel offers a wide selection of free VOD and live TV broadcasts in 5 languages, 24 hours a day288KIsraelKabbalah TV - Spanish
Religious lectures in Hebrew232KIsraelMachonmeir
Christian TV273KItalyLa Tua Televisione
Christian TV channel232KItalyTRG
Religious TV channel100KItalyTV Padre Pio
Christian TV channel259KKazakhstanCNL Europa
Christian TV channel273KKazakhstanCNL Siberia
Christian Internet Broadcasting273KKoreaC3TV
Christian Cable Television291KKoreaCTS
Catholic TV Channel242KKoreaPBC
Religious TV channel491KKuwaitAl Watan
Christian TV channel100KMexicoInter TV
Christian TV220KMexicoUncion TV
Christian TV791KNetherlandsSpirit 24
National Christian Television384KNew Zealand Shine TV
Christian TV channel300KNigeriaEmmanuel TV
Christian TV channel148KNigeriaLoveworld
Christian TV500KNorwayTV Visjon Norge
Islamic TV channel112KPakistanDawate Islami
Islamic TV channel100KPakistanHadi TV
Islamic TV channel128KPakistanHaq TV
Islamic TV Channel500KPakistanIIPC TV
Christian television channel broadcasting from 6 am EST until midnight141KPanamaHosanna TV
 Religious TV channel300KPeruBethel
Christian TV channel141KPeruPacifico TV
Live from Manila128KPhilippinesThe Old Path
Discussion of truths about our present milieu, society and faith115KPhilippinesTruth Caster
Balanced, quality programming, value-laden shows, and public service75KPhilippinesUNTV
Religious TV channel200KPolandTV Trwam
Christian Evangelical channel128KPortugalEnlace
Christian channel128KPortugalMana Sat
Christian TV channel from Manati, P.R143KPuerto RicoIglesia de Dios
Christian family TV100KPuerto RicoNCN
Christian channel144KPuerto RicoTeleadoracion
Christian TV channel100KRomaniaCrestin TV
Christian TV channel346KRussianUVCM
Islamic channel100KSaudi ArabiaIqraa TV
Christian channel150KSouth AfricaDivine Truth
Christian channel143KSouth AfricaSpirit World
Christian TV from La Paz100KSpainCetelmon
Christian TV channel100KSpainFuego TV
Religious TV channel250KSpainTV Amistad
Christian TV channel512KSwedenKanal 10
Religious TV141KTaiwanGood TV
Dhammakaya Foundation media channel450KThailandDMC
Offers programs for the purpose of informing the public about Islamic belief141KTrinidad & TobIBN TV8
Offers programs for the purpose of informing the public about Islamic belief141KTrinidad & TobTIN The Islamic Network
Religious TV channel152KTurkeyCEM TV
Islamic TV channel391KU.A.EmiratesBisharah TV
Christian Channel250KUnited KingdomGOD TV
Inspiration Network International (Religious Channel)300KUnited KingdomINI TV
Islamic satellite channel located in the UK100KUnited KingdomIslam Channel
Ahmadi Religious TV-channel broadcasting from UK but in different languages300KUnited KingdomMTA
Religious TV channel273KUnited KingdomMTA 3 Al Arabiyah
Islamic TV channel300KUnited KingdomMTA Muslim TV
Christian TV Channel391KUnited KingdomRevelation TV
A 24 hour Christian Television Network300KUSA3ABN
Hispanic Christian TV273KUSA3ABN Latino
Live Synagogue in Crown Heights. One of the most famous synagogues in New York300KUSA770Live
Arabic Christian TV273KUSAAl Karma TV
Hispanic Christian TV311KUSAAlmavison
Religious TV channel273KUSAAmazing Facts
Live from the Brigham Young University273KUSABYU TV
Christian television channel716KUSACBN Espanol
Christian television channel716KUSACBN Live
A multi-denominational religious network that features church services300KUSAChurch Channel
International edition of the American Christian Network331KUSACTNi
Christian TV Network150KUSACTVN - Cornerstone
Christian TV channel700KUSADaystar
Dr. Gene Scott preaching from The Cathedral in Los Angeles. 24 hours a day273KUSADr. Gene Scott
Religious TV channel. Stream 1 is Spanish. Stream 2 is English500KUSAEWTN
Christian TV channel400KUSAFaith Vision
Religious TV channel462KUSAFITV One
The Gospel Broadcasting Network, located in Chattanooga222KUSAGBN TV
Christian Network broadcasting from the campus of Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma200KUSAGEB
Christian TV300KUSAGLC
Christian Channel291KUSAGOD TV
Christian TV channel from Baltimore145KUSAGreater Grace
Bible teaching702KUSAHis Channel
Christian television network300KUSAHope TV
Religious TV channel640KUSAHouse of Refuge
Christian music291KUSAJCTV
Christian TV channel350KUSALiberty Channel
Christian Network from California359KUSALLBN
Christian TV channel273KUSAMark Chironna
Spanish Christian TV512KUSAMizpa TV
Christian channel100KUSASBN
Located in Gravette. Provides live Bible study hours45KUSAShepherds Chapel
Christian TV274KUSASpirit Television
Live prayers from Orlando100KUSASuperchannel WACX
Religious network, located in Santa Ana500KUSATBN
A Spanish language Christian Network291KUSATBN Enlace
Christian TV channel300KUSATCT
Christian TV (Spanish) from Miami377KUSATelegracia
Hispanic Christian TV273KUSATelerestauracion
Christian television channel located in the rural Mississippi town of Fulton141KUSAUnity Broadcasting
Christian Television Network100KUSAWCLF
WHT TV offers a blend of Christian programming - South Bend, Indiana45KUSAWHTV
Catholic channel300KVatican CitySat 2000

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