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Touristic channel491KAustriaTAV
Astrology channel272KFranceAstro Center
Home Shopping - Offers a broad range of products279KGermany3A TV
Astrology300KGermany Astro TV
Astrology564KGermanyCamOrakel TV
Fashion channel500KGermanyFashionGuide TV
Astrology400KGermanyFresh 4U Telemedial
Fashion channel360KGreeceNeesgnorimies
Culture channel800KNetherlandsCultura TV
Cultural programs273KRomania TVRM Cultural
Touristic channel700KSpainEsMadrid TV
A channel in the spanish language with new era, predictions, documentaries and UFO'S141KUSANueva Era TV
Spiritual channel300KUSASupreme Master TV

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